Game Library

Easily manage your video game collection

Supports barcode scanning and image search (recognition)

Take a picture of a games box, disc, cartridge or just about anything to find your games. Then build your video game collection for all your consoles and systems.


The Game Library android application was built using the following technologies










End-to-End SSL


Q. What is the app?

The Game Library Android app allows you to track your video game collection. Add games to lists, mark them as completed or to a wish list, rate games and even add Nintendo Amiibos to your collection. The app supports standard text search, barcode scanning and even image search. Image search allows you to take a picture of a game, disc, cartridge or just about anything and perform a game search.
Everyone has unlimited lists for FREE and the app is add free.
Have a rare copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga?
Never got to play Otogi: Myth of Demons?
Then add it to your list to track.

Q. Who is the target audience?

The main target audience are people who COLLECT VIDEO GAMES. It was made for myself to simply take a picture of a Japanese game to easily find it in English.

Q. Will the app be released for iOS?

Initially Game Library is only available on the android store. If there is sufficient demand then an iOS version may be possible.

Q. Is "Teh" a typo?

Yes and No. I originally used the name after being inspired by the Pure Pwnage characters teh_pwnerer and teh_masterer.
My own GitHub and Steam account also used this word.